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Happy Birthday 3
7 December 2012

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Happy Birthday 2
6 December 2012

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After the Celebration
4 December 2012

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Irridescent Catch
3 December 2012

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Hop On Mom
29 November 2012

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My Gals
28 November 2012

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Bubble Baby
29 September 2012

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I dew, I dew!
12 September 2012

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I-play with Art Cards
7 January 2011

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The Empties Tell the Tale.
31 December 2008

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Chicago by Night
8 November 2008

Recent Comments

Justin Leiter on Ray Sederberg by Bart Doe
I came across this page after looking up the artist Bart Doe. I purchased a poster he painted for the first Superman ...

LauraS on Happy Birthday 3
I think after reviewing all three back and forth, forth and back, I like number 1 because Dave's face is the ...

LauraS on Happy Birthday 3
Even more abstract, at least of his face. Hmmm, which one do I like the best? How is the Kitchen project coming? Love ...

LauraS on Happy Birthday 2
Very different from yesterday, yet equally as much fun. The shirt is certainly more psychedelic, don't you think? ...

LauraS on Happy Birthday Honey!
Fantastic share, San! Happy Birthday, Dave. Love this effect, San.

Yonatan on Happy Birthday Honey!
Happy birthday to your husband! It looks like he was having a good time on turkey day.

LauraS on After the Celebration
What a supremely fantastic sunset, San. Wonderful shot and beautiful sky, indeed.

Basile Pesso on After the Celebration
I like a lot. Very good exposure.

LauraS on Irridescent Catch
Looks like a bee to me, only green. Maybe it was drinking green Kool Aid? or maybe green sugar water?

shervin on Playing Piggy-back
Sign wonderful

LauraS on My Gals
Did you notice on this shot, we all have our right foot planted and left toe down! Cute.

LauraS on Hop On Mom
Love it. Look at me laboring to lift her up... I love the KZFR on my hat, too! I kept banging my camera. They were so ...

omid on My Gals
very nice! so beautiful colors & lights!

LauraS on My Gals
I sure enjoyed that day, and each day I spent with you and your family, San. A joy and a special memory now.

LauraS on She Shoots ... She Scores!
San, you are so funny. I like this shot and share, a lot. It was such a good visit with you and the kids this week. I ...

LauraS on Major Key!
Gosh, is that true? Already she is a majority... wow.

LauraS on Granddaughter Stamped!
Oh, how fun is this. I love how it captures her smile, sparkling big eyes, and I see a glimpse of YOU and KAZ in there, ...

LauraS on Bubble Baby
Incredible shot, San. Love the Bubble treatment, but both images, fun!

Curly on Granddaughter Stamped!
Excellent straight forward binary black and white - I love the idea.

omid on Granddaughter Stamped!
:) very nice!!! L O V E L Y !!!

omid on Bubble Baby
wooooooooooow! very nice! very nice & amazing!!! Beautiful colors & lights!

Dimitrios on Bubble Baby
Creative fun shot

Joyce on Breakwater in San Pedro Harbor
How still and endless is that rocky breakwater!! What a nifty lighthouse. I like this shot. Many memories of sailing ...

Joyce on Bubble Baby
I enjoyed reading your "about" and appreciate your creative life. I am a retired self taught artist, ...

Lai Chan See on Bubble Baby
Very unusual picture. Great creativity!

Harry on Breakwater in San Pedro Harbor
Beautiful color. The diagonal placement of the breakwater is a very effective composition.

LauraS on Breakwater in San Pedro Harbor
Lovely composition, San. The clouds and the rocks point the same direction, north...toward me. I love the colors and ...

LauraS on the most beautiful stone of all ...
I like this frame. Rock and person (sort of) in the frame. Nice POV.

Tinx on Breakwater in San Pedro Harbor
Very nice!

omid on the most beautiful stone of all ...
:) very nice!

Joyce on I dew, I dew!
That's an interesting frame. Almost flesh like. A universe of it's own with planets of dew drops.

Joyce on the most beautiful stone of all ...
My family growing up spent many fun days on Catalina. The wrinkled skin of this hand shows he's been in the water ...

LauraS on Visiting Valhallah
I love this. What cute shoes she is wearing on Mom's memorial. Love you, sis. Saw Len this morning. All is well, ...

omid on I dew, I dew!
very nice! Beautiful colors & lights!

Mary on A little easier being green ...
Very cute!!

LauraS on Birds of Feather
Fantastic, San. I love this view, your composition. The lighting is perfect, color fantasticlly beautiful. Great share.

LauraS on A little easier being green ...
i love her facial express, reached out left hand, and the hat.

LauraS on A little easier being green ...
Wonderful, San. She is giving you that slimy froggy!

omid on A little easier being green ...
:) very nice! Beautiful colors & lights! Lovely!

LauraS on It ain't easy being green
Ah, yes, dear San, we all crave attachment and water... and family. Sweet colors, too.

omid on Ain't Life Grand?
:) so beautiful! Lovely!

omid on It ain't easy being green
:) beautiful colors!!! Lovely!

LauraS on Ain't Life Grand?
Fabulous. I love the comments about the relationships, and acceptance. You are often in there, too, I know.

LauraS on Thistles, anyone?
Sweet shot, San. You got so close to him. Wonderful.

Becky on Thistles, anyone?
They are so beautiful aren't they?! Wonderful image. I've not seen these here.

john4jack on Thistles, anyone?
marvelous close-up

Joyce on On the Rocks
Love rock comps. This is fun and lovely.

Ramin on On the Rocks
Great colors.

LauraS on One Year Later
I find that very grounding. Spiritual, too. Nicely shared, San.

LauraS on On the Rocks
oooh, pretty, San. They sure are brightly colored. I like how some have little sun bursts on them.

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