About San G.

San G.

My undergraduate degree was in photography back in the early 70s. I began working large format (4x5 camera, black and white) and eventually was doing conceptual art which included life-sized nudes as a protest to the Downey (Southern California) Art Show which censored the frontal nudity created by a particularly talented artist.
My ex-husband later chose the cameras and I kept the darkroom ... so eventually I began creating soft-sculptures with stolen magazine images and mixed media.
Now, after a few decades of raising children with my lovely husband, I utilize my artwork for the expression of my dreams (literally), as a means to more fully grasp their meaning. I had changed careers in mid-life from the advertising typography field to having my own psychotherapy practice (#MFC32670).

Photography Equipment

I always continued photography, and during the "film" days I used a Nikon FE with various lenses. After the switch to digital (and traveling quite a lot), I now use a Panasonic Lumix FZ8 which I really like, and is very light too. I bought it online and picked it up at my local Circuit City store.